Types of Hams

Types of Hams

Basically, there are two different types of air-dried cured ham available in Spain today. Iberico Ham coming from Iberico pig breed and cured ham coming from different varieties of white pigs. The marked differences in quality, flavour and taste depend on the type and purity of pig breeds, on the way they are fed - acorns vs standardized animals feed-, the way the pigs are kept -free range growing conditions vs intensive farming-, and on the location and period of time necessary to air-dry each type of ham.

Iberico Ham stands out from all others through its texture, aroma and unique flavour, which varies depending on the amount of acorns the pigs are fed during the fattening period and the way the pigs have been raised. Iberico ham is officially classified by a Royal-Decree Law ( Norma de Calidad del Ibérico) according to the amount of acorns consumed prior to slaughtering and the purity of breed and classifies the ham into different product categories as follows: Ibérico de Bellota (Acorn-Fed Iberico Ham), Ibérico de Cebo de Campo (Iberico Bait Camp), Ibérico de Cebo (Bait Iberico), and Pure Acorn-fed Iberico Ham. Certain regions with large and ancient ham curing traditions have additionally created appellations of origin requiring strict quality controls being certified by the Spanish Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine Environment, and Iberico hams carrying its stamps of quality are required to meet those high standards. Popular appellations of origin for Iberico pigs are: Iberico Ham PDO "Jamón de Huelva", Iberico Ham PDO "Valle de los Pedroches", Iberico Ham PDO "Guijuelo", and Iberico Ham PDO "Dehesa de Extremadura". Appellations of origin are legally protected by the European Regulation (EC) nº 510/ 2006 of the European Union.

. Cured ham comes from a white pig breed variety, and it is easily distinguished by the color of the skin of the leg. Among the cured hams, Serrano Ham with the TSG seal –Traditional Specialties Guaranteed - distinguish and sets apart as a specific kind of cured ham whose trade is currently governed by EC Regulation 2082/92, defining the characteristics of the process and the finished product itself. This type of ham comes in three qualities: Gran Reserva, Reserva and Bodega ham. Dompal established the ETG / TSG (Traditional Specialities Guaranteed) through the Fundación Jamón Serrano which is the main organ in charge of establishing the mentioned quality seal. The main curing houses for white pigs are located in Segovia, Salamanca and Granada, although also exists in several other regions.

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