Received Awards

International Quality recognition

Although we are delighted that every day over 2000 top-of-the-range restaurants, gourmet shops and specialty stores put their faith in our company, we are equally honoured to have received multiple international awards reflecting the world-wide recognition of  the high quality of our hams.

These awards include (see right panel):

. GOLD MEDAL for the "Best Acorn-fed Iberico Ham" (Association of German Butchers, Frankfurt 2010, Deutscher Fleischer-Verband)

. GOLD MEDAL for the "Best Acorn-fed Iberico Ham" (SUFFA, International Butchers Fair held in Stuttgart, Germany 2006)

. TROPHY for best Iberian ham of Castile and Leon 2015 , awarded by the Association of Innkeepers of Castilla Leon, 2015

. FES best entrepreneur abroad, Francisco Martin Moreno , president of Domingo del Palacio S.A. - DOMPAL, he received the Distinction of FES (Federación Empresarial Segoviana) to Major Segoviano Projection Business Abroad, June 2016

. Award organized by the German Butchers' Association "Deutscher Fleischer -Verband " , May 2016

  • Gold Medal Bellota Ham 5 years
  • Gold Medal Serrano Ham Gran Reserva 24 months

DOMPAL added-value services

Convenient product range

To simplify sourcing of products

Precise identification of the ham´s curing period:

An added-value service highly appreciated among our customers

Product availability along all Iberico Ham P.D.O. varieties:

As a sign of our company´s expertise

Superior customer service

Maximising customer satisfaction through our own resources and experience

Sourcing recommendations

Assessment of new consumer trends and preferences

Close contact with our customers

Regarding both, orders and quality control issues


Based on the products themselves and on our extensive experience

Professional commitment

Regarding customers and products